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VERTIC is an independent, not-for-profit non-governmental organisation. Their mission is to support the development, implementation and effectiveness of international agreements and related regional and national initiatives, with particular attention to issues of monitoring, reporting, review, verification, compliance and legislation. The Centre provides this support through research and analysis, assistance and training, dissemination of information, and interaction with the governmental, diplomatic, technical, scientific and non-governmental communities. VERTIC National Implementation Programme (NIM) supports governments in translating commitments undertaken in international law into national legislation and regulations, through awareness-raising, legislative analysis and legislative drafting assistance. Their activities cover the implementation of  international obligations for the non-proliferation of CBRN weapons and the security of related materials. VERTIC publishes its research on verification, implementation and compliance issues through a series of openly available publications. VERTIC carries out its work in an objective and impartial manner.

The Experts

Dr Sonia DROBYSZ- P67 Senior Non-Key Expert (Legal) 

Sonia Drobysz is the Acting Programme Director for National Implementation at VERTIC. She oversees the strategic vision and delivery of the National Implementation Measures Programme, to develop, direct and implement global projects on the legislative implementation of obligations arising from international instruments for the non-proliferation of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) weapons and the security of related materials, International Health Regulations and Codex Alimentarius. She currently is a key expert for EU CBRN CoE Project 53, and non-key expert for Project 61 and Project 67.

Sonia formerly taught international relations, international law and constitutional law at the Sorbonne University. She was also an associate research fellow at the French Centre for International Security and Arms Control Studies (CESIM) where she worked and published on the IAEA safeguards system. Sonia holds a PhD in international law from University Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne. Her thesis looked at the role of the International Atomic Energy Agency in the nuclear non-proliferation regime. She also holds a university diploma in international nuclear law from University Montpellier 1/ OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, and a master degree in international law and international organisations from University Paris I. She speaks English, French and Spanish.

Ms Yasemin BALCI- P67 Senior Non-Key Expert (Legal)

Yasemin Balci is a Senior Legal Officer for VERTIC’s National Implementation Measures Programme. She provides legal advice on the legislative implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention, Biological Weapons Convention, UN Security Council Resolution 1540 and agreements related to nuclear security. She currently is a key expert for EU CBRN CoE Project 61, and non-key expert for Project 53 and Project 67.

Yasemin formerly worked as a Legal Officer with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in the private legal sector in London, and as a policy officer at Cordaid, an international development NGO in The Hague.


Yasemin holds an LLM in international law from the University of Cambridge, where she studied on a Huygens Scholarship. She finished her honours undergraduate degree at University College Utrecht and obtained her law degree from the University of Amsterdam. She has a university diploma in international nuclear law from University Montpellier 1/OECD Nuclear Energy Agency. She speaks Dutch, English, (intermediate) French and Turkish.

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