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Provided by our implementation consortium partners, the following resources and information tools are useful references points relevant to the scope of Project 67:


Environmental Resources

"The Bioprocessing and Environmental Technology Community of Practice tackles the ever-growing challenges of environmental stewardship and sustainability in the context of the water-soil-waste nexus.

Global trends of rapid urbanisation and climate change pose serious threats to sustainable development and sustainable resource management. The nexus approach recognises that water, soil and waste are inextricably intertwined and therefore integrated management of these environmental resources is necessary in order to achieve sustainable development in the face of these global trends.


It is this need for an integrated approach that has propelled us to establish this Community of Practice for transdisciplinary research, within which knowledge is shared between researchers whose focus is on different nodes. This will facilitate and support a full nexus approach to our work in order to advance integrated and sustainable resource management."...…. 

"Our industrial partner ESG (Environmental Scientifics Group) Ltd used the research commercially for the contract testing at the 2012 Olympic Park in London. These are regarded as one of the greatest Games of all time and has had enormous regenerative benefits to that particular area of London in general.


We also developed decision-support tools for risk management and environmental rehabilitation of contaminated sites. The tools improve confidence in remediation (restoring to use) technology, reduce remediation costs and minimise waste disposal to landfill, with subsequent savings in CO2 emissions"...

"We have world-recognised expertise in explosives and munitions with staff in this area coming from a variety of backgrounds including academia, industry, research and government establishments. As acknowledged experts in the field, we are frequently approached by government, commercial and media organisations for assistance and advice.".....

Legal Resources

National Implementation Measures: To give effect to international arms control and non-proliferation instruments, States must bring their domestic law into conformity with their obligations under international law. The need to implement national measures was also highlighted by the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1540 (UNSCR 1540) in April 2004. This resolution obliges States to enact and enforce effective laws and supporting measures to prevent the proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, related materials and their means of delivery and to prohibit non-State actors, especially terrorists, from developing and using such weapons.

UK Health Security Agency:
CBRN Recovery Handbooks
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New European Union Standards:
Environmental Standards for Waste Treatment
New emissions and efficiency standards will help national authorities to lower the environmental impact of the largest waste treatment installations in the EU, dealing with both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. This represents around 4,000 installations.
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